Every homeowner’s worst nightmare is an air conditioner that breaks down unexpectedly during the hot summer months. There’s no denying a malfunctioning AC can easily turn from a minor nuisance to a major headache in a blink of an eye. Thankfully, you have us. We are Mesa’s go-to AC repair company, and we can help.

At Paragon Service Pros, we have helped countless clients with their AC problems. We can repair different brands and types of air conditioners – from ductless split types to traditional central air units. Our friendly and dependable professionals will always provide affordable and effective AC repair solutions.

Our licensed and dependable specialists can quickly diagnose and fix any AC problems, both simple and complex. They can get your unit working like new in no time so you can get back to your routine as soon as possible. If you need exceptional AC repair services, look no further. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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The Leader in Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa, AZ

At Paragon Service Pros, we are committed to providing exceptional service that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Our expert technicians will also ensure that every service is stress-free and seamless. For your peace of mind, we will always start our service by providing an honest estimate, so there are no unwanted surprises along the way.

From there, our experts will inspect your system meticulously and provide you with options and recommendations so you can make an educated decision. You will also get expert guidance so you can get the most bang for your buck and pick the most energy-efficient solutions worth investing in.

The Leader in Air Conditioning Repair in Mesa, AZ

Your One-Stop Shop for Affordable Mesa Air Conditioning Repair Services

Whether you have a simple AC repair problem or a complex one, our friendly, experienced, and licensed technicians can take care of it for you. Below are some of the most common problems we can help you with:

Leaking Ducts

If you have a ducted AC, the ductwork is responsible for carrying the cold air and distributing it to the whole house. If there is a leak or a hole in the ductwork, the air conditioner’s efficiency can get compromised. While the AC can run for a while, even with a leaking duct, it would seem like it is not working at all.

Defective Circuit Breaker

If your ACs circuit breaker keeps tripping, there are several possible culprits, including capacitor failure, dirty filters or coils, low refrigerant levels, and compressor failure. If you encounter this problem, call us immediately so we can assess the problem and provide a solution. Don’t attempt to reset the breaker as it might cause a fire.

Capacitor Failure

When your AC turns on and off repeatedly, you likely have a capacitor problem. The capacitor gives the motor an initial push, so it starts working. When your AC works extra hard, it can cause the capacitor to overheat. Power fluctuations and frequent changes in the thermostat can also cause damage to the capacitor.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

If you notice your air conditioner is not cooling accordingly, a frozen evaporator is the likely culprit. This problem is very common and usually occurs when there is debris buildup. The buildup of debris can restrict airflow and cause the refrigerant to become very cold.

Damaged Compressor

Your air conditioner’s compressor is considered one of its most important parts. The compressor regulates the pressure and ensures refrigerants carry the heat exchange successfully. Lack of lubrication, changes in the refrigerant levels, and dirty coils are some of the factors that can damage the compressor.

Dirty AC Filter

The AC filter plays an important role and ensures the airflow is clean and free from dust and other pollutants. When the filter is clogged with dust, the airflow can become restricted. This can also significantly decrease the unit’s efficiency.

Indoor Water Leak

If you notice leaking from your AC unit indoors, consider it a telltale sign that maintenance is long overdue. A clogged condensate drain can also cause water leaks. Another possible culprit is a defective condensate pump that might need replacement.

AC Refrigerant Leaks

Also known as Freon, the AC refrigerant works by cooling the air in the system. This is another common problem we handle. While this issue can seem harmless, it must be resolved promptly as it can minimize the system’s efficiency. Refrigerant leaks also have the potential to cause harm to the environment.

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Sometimes, your air conditioner can break down when you least expect it. If you are looking for reliable AC repair, we are your top option. We are accredited and BBB-rated. Our experts will also get to you promptly. Call us today and schedule an appointment. We provide around-the-clock AC repair and same-day service.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

What Our Customers Say About Us

What Our Customers Say About Us


Easy Financing Options Available

Easy Financing Options Available

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Your air conditioner is costly, and we want to help you protect that investment. If you need AC repair or installation, we can offer flexible financing options. Give us a call today and let us know how we can be of service.

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