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Heating Maintenance in Queen Creek

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Although most people associate the state of Arizona with scorching heat and cloudless skies, those who actually live in Queen Creek know that we get our fair share of chilly evenings and brisk mornings as well. Throughout the cold nights and crisp days, you will want to have a reliable heating system to switch on whenever you start feeling goosebumps.

Unfortunately, because homeowners do not tend to turn on their heating systems throughout the entirety of the year, it is easy to miss the fact that a sitting heating unit can turn into a malfunctioning one. As dust collects within the filters, fans, and other parts of your heater, this debris causes it to run less efficiently, which in turn wastes energy and raises your utility bill every month. Avoid these issues by reaching out to Paragon Service Pros for our dedicated maintenance service.

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Precision Checkups for All Your Furnace & Central Heating Needs

In the same way that you have your oil checked in your automobile or visit your eye doctor to make sure that your vision does not deteriorate, you also need to have your heater or furnace tuned up on a regular basis.

Our detailed maintenance care is both precise and comprehensive, as we cover the breadth and depth of all heating services, including:

  • Making sure that all the burners and ignition are properly assembled and clean.
  • Examining the heat exchanger and flue draft and cleaning them of any dust.
  • Testing that the safety controls are working well.
  • Lubricating moving parts so they can operate smoothly.
  • Clearing out clogged filters or replacing them when necessary.
  • Tightening any connections to electrical outlets.
  • Recalibrating the thermostat.

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The Importance of Frequent Heating Maintenance

It is easy to forget about your heater or furnace, unless you have an emergency suddenly appear. Maintenance is the best way to avoid these problems in the first place.

However, there are several other benefits as well.

When you receive our thorough maintenance, you will reap the rewards of:

  • Comfortable temperatures in every room.
  • A longer life expectancy of your heating system.
  • Consistent temperature throughout the house.
  • Dramatic decrease in the costs of energy on your monthly bills.
  • Decreased number of repairs.
  • Excellent indoor air quality with newly cleaned ductwork.

Preventing Unexpected Emergencies

The best method of protection is always prevention. You may think that allowing your heating system to sit for months without being used is harmless, but it is only preparing for a bigger emergency. The dirt within your heater system can even get trapped within the tiny spaces between delicate controls, valves, and wires, causing your heater to completely break down. To avoid a costly emergency situation, talk to our devoted contractors at Paragon Service Pros for superior support.


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