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Arizona may be known across the United States for its sweltering summers, but if you are a true resident of Queen Creek, you will know that the winters can be a beast as well, especially if your heater is acting up. For those frigid winter nights, you need a heater that you can rely on. At Paragon Service Pros, we provide dependable furnace and heating repair in Queen Creek.

When our specialists arrive at your home, they come equipped and ready to diagnose any issues you may be having with your furnace or central heating unit. We will perform rigorous repairs in rapid time, so you can experience true relief of a warm, cozy heater even on the coldest of days.

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What are the Signs you May Have a Heater Problem

One of the most common methods for identifying whether your heater is having issues is by listening to the sounds it is making. Depending on the kind of noise being emitted, your heater might be experiencing a minor problem or a major catastrophe.

Some typical sounds your heater might make include:

  • Loud banging sounds – When your burners are dirty, this often causes the gas to collect inside the unit, halting its ability to properly ignite. When the gas finally explodes, it makes a loud bang, which can eventually break your heat exchanger.
  • Grinding noises – If your blower wheel has come loose, or the mount has broken free, it often results in this coarse sound.
  • Whining noises – Usually, these sounds are a sure indicator that your blower belt is having problems. In some cases, the bearings of the shaft require additional lubrication, but in other scenarios, the blower motor might need to be replaced altogether.

Why is your Furnace Running but no Heat

One of the most common reason why your furnace may be running but not producing ample heat is because of a dirty filter. Filters should ideally be changed frequently depending on the size. This will ensure that quality heat is being generated throughout your home.

How Long Does it Take to Fix Heating

When you request a heating repair service you can expect the repair to take between an hour to a full days work. If a couple parts need to be replaced, you should expect repairs to be done rather swiftly. If it is discovered an replacement is needed , you should expect it to take much longer.

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Dedicated Repairs for Your Heating Needs

When you contact our team, you can be ensured to have the highest quality of workmanship. We will thoroughly check all parts of your heater, determining whether the thermostat was at fault, or whether a condensate pan was full. If the filters are dirty, we will unclog them or even replace them with brand-new ones. If any parts have come loose and need to be replaced, from a blower motor to a cover for your duct system, we can provide the most advanced solutions.

Keeping Your Family Safe from Dangerous Heater Issues

Losing heat in your home is a nuisance that will leave you shivering in the cold. However, a problem that is even worse than goosebumps is if your heater is experiencing issues that cause it to release natural gas. When natural gases like carbon monoxide are released into your home, they can cause dreadful illnesses and long-term side effects, or even lead to fatalities. It is important to always have a well-functioning detector for carbon monoxide, or the safety of your family may be at risk. Do not hesitate to contact our team at Paragon Service Pros for repairs for your central heating or furnaces to protect your health and well-being.


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